Privacy Policy

The Agency for New Industry Cluster of Hokkaido (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) recognizes that the protection of personal information is the basis of the Agency’s business activities and is the Agency’s social responsibility. When handling personal information in the Agency's business, the Agency will comply with the laws regarding personal information to use, manage, and protect appropriately.

1. Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information
In conducting the Agency's business activities, the Agency receives important information from the Agency's customers, so the Agency has established a management system to protect personal information and ensure that personal information is handled appropriately when collecting, using, and providing such information by the Agency.
2. About Legal Compliance
Our organization complies with the laws and regulations regarding the handling of customer's personal information.
3. Management of Personal Information
To protect personal information, the Agency takes measures such as managing the personal information properly, specifying how to take out the personal information, and preventing unauthorized access from the third parties, based on regulations and information security. The Agency will strive to prevent the personal information from leakage, loss, falsification, destruction, etc.
4. Disclosure of Personal Information
The Agency will not disclose any personal information that the Agency receives towards any third party without obtaining prior consent, except as required by the law. Regarding to the personal information, if the Agency receives any requests from the customer regarding to the disclosure, correction, deletion, use, or provision of the customer’s personal information, the Agency will respond in good faith.
5. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
The Agency will only use personal information submitted (or has already been submitted) from Agency’s customer in connection with the Agency’s business activities for the following purposes:
- For response and contact to customer’s inquiries from the Agency
- For various communications and business negotiations necessary for the Agency’s business purposes
- For identity verification of the customer in the Agency’s business activities
- For the Agency’s surveys and interviews
- For marketing in the Agency’s business activities
6. Inquiry Desk
Requests for the disclosure of personal information currently held by the Agency and questions regarding the Agency’s handling of personal information will be handled by the following procedure.
Please note that the Agency may not be able to respond to any requests that do not follow these procedures below.
1. Procedures for Disclosure of Personal Information, etc.
Please send by post to the Agency’s address below. After the customer’s authentication is done, the Agency will respond by sending the customer a written request or by a method separately agreed upon by the customer and the Agency.
Please note that the customer shall be responsible for postage costs, and it may take several days for the Agency to respond.
2. Address:
Minami 1-jo Nishi 2-chome 3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0061
The Agency for New Industry Cluster of Hokkaido